Stained Glass

Here you can find out all about my creative alter ego: the self taught stained glass artist!

At the beginning of 2021, during yet another lockdown and very much in need of a distraction, I dived headfirst into teaching myself how to make small stained glass pieces.

I had long been admiring various stained glass artists on Instagram, watching videos of them demonstrating techniques and realised it was within the realms of possibility to do in a home studio. I ordered myself lots of new tools and materials (always exciting as an artist) and set about watching as many tutorials and youtube videos as I could find. Through much trial and error, 18 months later, I'm enjoying making and selling handmade glass pieces. 

I use the copper foil method which involved adhering copper foil tape to the edges of careful cut and ground glass. You can then use this as a base to solder the individual glass shapes together to form a finished piece. 

When I began to make my first pieces I quickly realised there are many correlations between paper collage and designing a 2D stained glass piece. There are many transferable design skills that are probably the reason I was attracted to glass as a medium in the first place. 

Unlike collage, where your biggest studio threat is a papercut, stained glass has lots of hazardous chemicals and safety equipment to consider. It hasn't all been about learning how to design something different, but in fact how to work safely with hazardous materials.


Working on something hands on has been thoroughly rewarding so far, I have so much more to learn but for now please enjoy having a look at some of the pieces I have made to date. I sell some of my work and you can find details of those pieces here!